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Welcome to All In LOVE.

A young boy starts his new day in another school. This school isn’t like others. In this world, exist two species named Kay and Black Angel. Those species are in war, they can not love each other by there differences. This school was made for the two species gather together and make peace in to the world. Roy Figure (main character) is very different than anyone around him. A lot of things happened to him at his new school… He is somehow special to others… in the weird way. Website- Updates every Thursday.

All in LOVE new website!

So I finally did a new website for this comic/manga!! The one on was looking sad, so now I made one on and looks super good! Here's the link to the new website -->

Please enjoy and if you can please send me some feedback X3

Have a nice day!!

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All in LOVE is BACK!!

So yeah... it's just like the title of this post says. It's not easy to put something online for free, but I really enjoy those time when I share my manga to everyone. I want to have that feeling again. This doesn't mean that I wont stop sealing All in LOVE, all chapters will be uploaded here but slowly. I'm already working with chapter 5 so if you want to reed more than you can here, you can always buy a digital copy or a printed copy. For now Uty Studio website was hacked so it's not available. In my DeviantART I'll upload the chapters for sale ones I get a premium membership, witch you can buy with deviant points.

Thank you for your time and enjoy All in LOVE!

Uty Studio Facebook Page-->

My DeviantART-->

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Saying goodbye

Well... since I'm going to sell All in LOVE at a convention I must remove it from smackjeeves because then who would buy it?? All in LOVE has been a big success thanks to all of my fans. Now is time to have more fans in my country were I really don't have fans. I want people to see my story not just for the money... I want to share it with all the girls(I don't think guys are gonna be interested in AIL >.>). I will leave previews of 10 pages of each chapter... so this is going to be like were you are going to decide weather to buy it or not. Right now I don't have all copies of the first chapter that soon I will have. I'm gonna start sealing them this Saturday April 24... so if there's any left after April 25 I will post here and see if anyone is interested in buying one >.<

Sorry for taking it away form you again and thank you all XD

posted by Nadishko @ April 19th, 2010, 8:06 pm   2 comments

Hello guys

I just want to say that I'm so happy that everyone is enjoying All in LOVE. I hope you all can enjoy it till the end of it... cuz more drama and finaly some action will come and the truth shall be reveled!!

---Thank you all...

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Im so damn sorry!!

Im sorry that I have to take All in LOVE away... but I'll always continue it. I'm going to try and sell it to see if people actualy buy it. To sell it I must fix the grammer erors... duh! and fix some other stuf... It really hurts to take it away from my fans... If it never works... I'll ad it here ones again... so... for now... I'll try to see if half of my dreams can come true.

With all LOVE --- Joyce M.

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Time to do something

I've been thinking alot about me doing mangas... so... what I want to say is that I will STOP UPDATING THEM ONLINE... why?... well... I want to go far away and actualy do something with it... I want to publish it to the world.... and to my country. I have no idea how am I going to tho this... but I'll be working with my english speling erors and stuf... so I cand do things right O_O I don't know if it will work.... but I want to try... Ill delete the online manga on smackjeeve and the one on freewebs will stay... but I will NOT add the manga.... Please.... if any of my watchers know were or ow can I publish my manga... please let me know... I want my dreams to come true

Thankyou all... Have a nice day

posted by Nadishko @ August 6th, 2007, 2:43 am   2 comments

All in LOVE öfficial" website

I'm almost done with this site... but I think is time to show it, so here is the link Please enjoy

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People... If your a fan of my comic "Dragon Shores" Well... I'm sorry but I'm going to DELETE Dragon Shores for a long long time, until I fix the story completely. It started to slow, with no action, well... I hope the 3th version is better than the 2nd. Yeah... that was the second. Well, hope you continue watching All in LOVE because everything is going to be reviled soon... possibilities on chapter 3. Bye bye for now.

posted by Nadishko @ March 1st, 2007, 4:41 pm   0 comments

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